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Jennifer Lopez Sextape Stolen

Monday, 18 July 2011

It’s hard to blame someone for making a sex tape, be it an ordinary human being or a celebrity. Everyone loves to fuck and many would like to keep their most joyful moemnts on record to review later or share with someone. And what a better way to do it than catch it on camera? This way a person can replay such moments at a click of a button. However, like Jennifer Lopez has demonstrated it to us there is a high risk of having that precious footage stolen from your bedroom and leaked for the rest of the world to see…

Jennifer Lopez Sextape

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Jennifer Lopez Nip Slip

Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Jennifer Lopez Nip Slip Remember the following Jennifer Lopez Nipple Slip? There is even a better one available right now - check out the recent pic on the right. Just like every latin babe J Lo’s nipples come in brown color, as you can see it from the footage, and hopefully delicious taste too. Here she tries to keep her dress bottom from being blown up by the wind but completely misses the top of it which reveals her right nipple to everyone around including paparazzi. Thankfully, they catch the moment for all of us to enjoy. Stay tuned for J Lo tape where she gets her nipples sucked and pussy fucked…

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Jennifer Lopez Upskirt Picture

Friday, 08 July 2011

Curly haired Jennifer Lopez has attended the conference a while ago where she was giving autographs with complimentary upskirt picture to everyone who expressed the desire to receive them. You didn’t even have to bend too much to sneak a peak on her tan panties underneath her short white dress - just approach her sitting at the table from the distance, like the photographer who took this shot had done it, and you would get what you came for. The wait for her sex tape has now become even more agonizing as the media still tells us about delays while Jen continues to tease us with her sexy bits…

Jennifer Lopez Upskirt Picture

Jennifer Lopez Topless Pic

Sunday, 03 July 2011

Jennifer Lopez Topless Pic It’s pleasant to see more and more celebrities drop their clothes off in front of the camera for the public to enjoy their beautiful curves. In today’s age it has become almost the part of the career to show at least some skin. This leads to the creation of such resources as Celeb Nudes blog where movie stars and television actresses are featured playing topless and even completely nude, which can only be a good thing. Jennifer Lopez too couldn’t escape the trend and pose topless. Mind you this photo shoot has been done long before the news about the existense of her private sex tape

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Jennifer Lopez Sex Fakes

Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Here’s something exciting to keep you in anticipation for the release of Jennifer Lopez Sex Tape. The series of her fakes in the link below will give you an idea of how Jennifer will look like naked and having sex in her home made video which is pending official release right now. There are three different women who portray J Lo, two of them have massive boobs besides their big asses, while the other one with small tits is almost identical copy of butt queen herself. Check out all the pussy fucking and ass banging action that goes on in this footage…

Sexy Jennifer Lopez Fakes

Jennifer Lopez Butt Pic

Thursday, 23 June 2011

Jennifer Lopez Buttocks This is exactly what your came for, isn’t it? You are not interested in Jennifer Lopez‘ personality or talents you just want to see her big butt getting slammed with her boyfriend Ojani’s latin cock. There is nothing wrong with it, Jennifer has an amazing round ass, but if you look around this Jennifer Lopez Blog than you will notice that the woman packs a few more surprises. She’s got a wonderful pair of small tits and a tight pussy to complement her wonderful buttocks. Click around for more of J Lo’s sexy figure getting exposed and enjoyed by movie partners and boyfriend on screen and tape…

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Jennifer Lopez Upskirt Pussy

Saturday, 18 June 2011

Jennifer Lopez Upskirt Pussy The reasoning behind this upskirt shot of Jennfier Lopez will probably remain unknown unlike the fact that she indeed flashed her pussy on camera. Seriously, what was this celeb woman thinking when she went outside without her panties on in such cold weather? She surely didn’t forget to put the coat on. Every girl knows how important it is to keep your baby-making organs in warmth to prevent different nasties, especially in her age. However, there’s no doubt that she exposed her shaved pussy to paparazzi’s camera as you can clearly notice a slit downstairs in the middle of her crotch…

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Jennifer Lopez Nude Nipple

Monday, 13 June 2011

Babes like Jennifer Lopez are called perfect all-arounders. It still makes you wonder if appearance alone could take her to where she is right now if she lacked the talent so perfect this woman is. The look worked for others before, just remember Kim K Superstar, who has just as big booty as J Lo does, which took her to the famous television shows and magazines’ pages. This time Jennifer treats us to big cleavage that reveals her perfectly shaped tits with brown areolas and perky nipples in the middle. Notice how tight her dress is which nearly makes them pop out…

Jennifer Lopez Nipple Nude

Nude Photo of Jennifer Lopez

Wednesday, 08 June 2011

I don’t know what is there about girls photo shoots and angel theme, but it is not the first time we see a celebrity posing with white wings behind her back. The most recent scene which comes to the mind is that of Katie Price who done it topless. But Jennifer Lopez wouldn’t be who she is right now if not for her commitment to top her peers with her performances. J Lo does it better and sexier than any of them do it. Judge for yourself - a naked angel with oily body…

Jennifer Lopez Nude Photo

Sexy Jennifer Lopez Naked

Friday, 03 June 2011

If you have been a devoted fan to Jennifer Lopez for years than you already know that this celeb has appeared in sex scene which has been shown long before her sex tape footage appeared. As part of her career J Lo played in multiple movie episodes and as it often goes in Hollywood some directors require actresses to fuck on screen. The link below contains the video with absolutely Naked Jennifer Lopez taking it from a big black dude who works hard on top to satisfy her cravings. There is everything from kissing to tits grabbing and cock riding in this clip…

Sexy Jennifer Lopez Naked